Listing Your Home For Sale: How To Receive Top Dollar

The Las Vegas housing market is hot.

It’s a seller’s market, with little inventory to choose from. There is less than two months worth of inventory. Buyers are frustrated when they are out bid for properties. However, if you’re a seller, don’t just leave it to the market and expect to receive top dollar for your home.

I’m stunned to meet sellers who haven’t even taken the time to clean before listing a home for sale. Some sellers believe the market is so good a broker isn’t needed, thinking buyers will somehow find the needle that is their home in the haystack that is the Las Vegas metro market. Remember, over 2 million people live here.

Just as most people do their shopping online at Amazon, they search for homes online, especially as the weather heats up in the summer. An experienced real estate profession will help make the home you wish to sell camera-ready for those online home shoppers. If your place doesn’t pop on a buyer’s computer screen, customers will never make it to your doorstep to make that critical closer look.

Most of this sounds like common sense, and it is. But, if you’re selling your home or you have a friend who is, keep this list handy.

Declutter those rooms where you have those cherished personal items strewn about. They don’t photograph well, and buyers want to imagine their stuff in your house, not see yours.

Throw rugs should be removed and be sure to replace burned out light bulbs.

When your house is on the market, don’t park in the driveway or in front of the house. Move trash cans out of sight, along with garden tools, hoses and any children’s toys and bikes.

Mow the yard, sweep your driveway and patios. If you have a pool, make sure it’s clean and remove any pool toys. Keep pool equipment out of sight.

Do as your mother told you: make your bed (and everyone else’s), hang up, or put away, your clothes Put away the half dozen books you’ve been meaning to read plus anything else stacked on your bedside table.

Kitchens sell houses, so clean those countertops and remove your coffee maker, the blender you make that morning smoothie with, toasters and any other appliances. Those cute photos and PTA meeting reminders stuck to the fridge. Take them down. And again. Make sure the kitchen is clean. Every buyer will run their finger over your smooth granite countertop and you don’t want them to run into a spot of something sticky.

Sure, you only use the dining room on Thanksgiving. However, if you have good China and dinnerware, set the table with it. Maybe add some candles or flowers.

Nothing will turn off a buyer quicker than seeing your toothbrush and medication bottles cluttering a bathroom counter. Everything goes; shavers, makeup mirrors, tissue and lotion dispensers, etc.

You love your pets. However, buyers don’t want to see them or get to know them. When your broker schedules a showing turn on all the lights. Turn off ceiling fans, televisions, and that cool surround sound system. The buyer’s broker will turn it on if need be. Make the temperature comfortable. The longer a buyer looks, the more likely they will buy.

Keep this list in mind when you list your house. If you are like most people, home sales and purchases are the largest financial transactions you do in your life.

You can only sell your house once. I’ll help you get every dollar you deserve. Call me at 702-303- 8243. LW

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