Rochester station WHEC reported: “Deputies say that 44-year-old Jia Fan was arrested at about 5:37 p.m. Sunday evening. She is charged with endangering the welfare of a child.”

Yes, the boy might have become trapped in a lego fort.

This is not the first time a mom has been arrested for this lego endangerment. A mom in Long Island, New York, was arrested in 2014 for leaving her 7-year-old to shop at the Lego store in the Roosevelt Field Mall Lego for one hour and 20 minutes while she shopped elsewhere in the mall. A year later, an 11-year-old was detained for being “too young” to shop alone at a Lego store in Canada.

So are cops hanging around Lego stores looking for under-aged shoppers (if there is such a thing)? Or, are Lego store employees narcing on the kids? No one seems to know. However, in the case of the Canadian detainment, a sale was lost. The kid’s father wrote a letter indicating, “Today, our son went to the Lego store in Chinook Mall, Calgary, Alberta. He had over $200 and was intending to purchase some Lego with it….”

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