Nevada Mid Term Election Endorsements


Steve Sisolak (Democrat)
Adam Laxalt (Republican) Ryan Bundy (Independent) Republican Adam Laxalt—We were ready, willing and able to support Laxalt until he joined himself at the hip with “Tax Hike Mike” Roberson (See LT. Governor endorsement) To add further insult he has gone back on his word to repeal the Commerce Tax and conservatives are concerned where Laxalt will fall on ESA’s (Education Savings Accounts) Laxalt, says he won’t roll back Sandoval’s expansion of Medicaid which will cost Nevada taxpayer tens of millions of dollars in increased taxes. Attorney General, Laxalt was asleep at the switch while his deputy, Wes Duncan, solicited $100,000 in campaign contribution from businesses he regulated.
Remember what an Elko Republican told us, “I can’t support [Laxalt] as long as he’s pushing that Roberson character.”
As time passes, Laxalt appears to be a Mike Roberson puppet. Laxalt comes from a family that is Silver State political royalty. And for that reason, he believes he’s entitled to the office. We disagree. The company he keeps disqualifies him for the state’s highest office.
Democrat Steve Sisolak wants to raise your property taxes to give teachers raises, not based on merit, but, just because he’s beholden to the teachers’ union. He says, reduce school class sizes, build a stadium and expand the convention center with your money. He believes taxpayer pockets are bottomless. He is not an option.
Independent Ryan Bundy—The only real liberty candidate (see October Liberty Watch). But, does he have a real chance?
We are not making an endorsement in the governor’s race, we ask that each of you to vote your conscience and your conservative beliefs.
Lieutenant Governor
Janine Hansen (Independent American)
Kate Marshall (Democrat)
Ed Uehling (Independent)
Michael Roberson (RINO)
“Tax Hike” Mike Roberson ramrodded the largest tax increase in Nevada history through the legislature. He supports amnesty of illegal immigrants. He was the sponsor of a bill granting licenses to illegal immigrants. He supports common core standards for Nevada schools and he’s a #NeverTrumper. Roberson is a democratic wolf in sheep’s clothing. Republicans, don’t think you’re voting for a republican if you vote for Roberson and don’t take our word for it, investigate for yourself please Visit the Secretary of State website at click on Campaign & Expense reports and look at who is supporting Roberson. As Ronald Reagan said if someone votes with you 80% of the time they are your allie if they vote against you 80% of the time they are your enemy.
Roberson is a enemy to all Republicans.
Liberty Watch recommends Ed Uehling, Janine Hansen, even Kate Marshall, anyone but Michael Roberson.
United States Senate
Dean Heller (RINO)
Jacky Rosen (Democrat)
Heller versus Nancy Pelosi’s pet Wacky Jackie. We wrote #NeverHeller in our primary election issue and Senator Heller has done nothing to change our minds. Heller is the original #NeverTrumper and if reelected he will just go back to his flip-flop ways. We understand the concern if that not voting for Heller, we will lose control of the Senate, that’s just not true, if Heller loses, Republicans will still gain as many as 4 seats bring the Republican majority in the Senate to 54, so please don’t let the fear mongers keep you from voting your conservative beliefs. Let’s not forget when Heller said he would vote to repeal Obamacare, then he stuck his finger in the air, checked the wind and said he’d vote not to repeal. Ultimately with pressure from the White House and the fear that he wouldn’t get re-elected Heller did the right thing. But if given another six years, Heller will surely flip-flop and hang taxpayers out to dry.
Liberty Watch has no choice but to recommend voting None of the above
Congress, District 4
Cresent Hardy (RINO)
Steve Horsford (Democrat)
We wrote #NeverHardy in our primary endorsements issue and haven’t changed our minds. Hardy is a #NeverTrumper, who along with Dean Heller spent a majority of the 2016 election cycle undermining President Trump with Nevada Voters. If elected we believe that Hardy will not support the Trump agenda. Republicans should not reward bad behavior, listen to your conscience when voting.
Liberty Watch recommends —None of the above
Congress, District 2
Mark Amodei (Republican)
Clint Koble (Democrat)
Mark E. Amodei is the clear choice and deserves reelection he’s the taxpayers best friend.
Liberty Watch proudly endorses Mark Amodei
Congress, District 3
Susie Lee (D)
Danny Tarkanian (R)
We’ve had a love-hate relationship with Danny over the past year. We initially supported his Republican primary challenge to U.S. Sen. Dean Heller. But when he switched races and filed for CD-03 instead, we went a different way in that primary.
Nevertheless, he is far and away the better choice for the general election.
Danny is a committed fiscal conservative who is well-informed on the issues. He was also an early and unwavering supporter of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election – despite coming under intense pressure from the “Never Trumpers” to throw Mr. Trump under bus just before Election Day. He continues to support the President’s “Make America Great Again” and “America First” agenda and would continue to do so as a Member of Congress.
Danny’s Democrat opponent – borrowing a phrase by none other than Hillary Clinton herself – is a “nothing burger.”
Susie Lee’s understanding of critical issues goes only as deep as the talking points she’s fed by Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC. She would oppose President Trump’s policies every step of the way and would vote to undo all the economic success the country has enjoyed since Mr. Trump moved into the White House.
We’ve also learned that Susie’s vaunted “philanthropy” includes running a failed homeless program in Las Vegas that cost taxpayers some $5 million, as well as running a “charity” that over the past year has sucked over $1.6 million from the Clark County school district which could have been better used to hire more teachers.
Unless you’re tired of all this winning over the past two years under President Trump, the choice in CD-03 is a no-brainer: Vote for Danny Tarkanian.
Secretary of State
Barbara K. Cegavske (Republican)
Nelson Araujo (Democrat)
Throughout her career in the Legislature, Republican Barbara Cegavske has been an open and consistent supporter of limited, fiscally conservative government. As Secretary of State, she has been an effective, non-partisan guardian of Nevada’s electoral system. She supports legislation to require photo ID before voting and opposes same-day registration.
Her Democrat opponent, Nelson Araujo, is an inexperienced, unaccomplished, anti-business, government employee and two-term state assemblyman who opposes voter ID and supports same-day registration.
This is an easy one: Barbara Cegavske for Secretary of State.
Attorney General
Wes Duncan (Republican)
Aaron Ford (Democrat)
Joel F. Hansen (Independent American)
Neither Duncan nor Ford have the experience, combined they have roughly 3 years of legal experience. While serving as Deputy Attorney General, Wes Duncan, solicited $100,000 in campaign contributions from businesses he regulated. Mr. Duncan’s ethically challenges are a concern.
Mr. Hansen not only has over 30 years of legal experience, but has pro-liberty sensibilities. His worked tirelessly with on the “Axe the Tax” and “Stop the Double-dipping” initiatives we worked on years ago. A good man who will make a great attorney general.
Liberty Watch endorses Joel Hansen for Attorney General
Nevada Supreme Court, Seat G
Lidia Stiglich
Mathew Harter
Incumbent Justice Lydia Stiglich – a gubernatorial appointee by Gov. Brian Sandoval – is a liberal judicial activist who cut her legal teeth in San Francisco. Her opponent, Mathew Harter, notes that as a district court judge Stiglich “issued an injunction stopping the layoff of public employees without any authority whatsoever to do so.”
Indeed, in a 7-0 unanimous decision the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that Stiglich had usurped power “reserved to the local government” on an issue “clear[ly] and unmistakably…not to be decided by the court.”
Harter, on the other hand, is a sitting District Court judge in the Family Division who believes judges should “follow the law and rules as plainly written.” He goes on to say that “as a conservative, I strive to also be a textualist in my decisions.”
Liberty Watch endorses Mathew Harter.
Nevada Supreme Court, Seat C
Elissa Cadish
Jerome Tao
After being blocked by Sen. Dean Heller from an appointment to the federal bench by President Obama, District Court Judge Elissa Cadish is now trying to graduate to the Nevada Supreme Court.
Heller blocked Cadish’s confirmation over her anti-Second Amendment positions, as detailed in a candidate questionnaire she submitted several years ago. In it Cadish stated that “reasonable restrictions may be imposed on gun ownership in the interest of public safety” and declared she does not believe there’s a constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
In a recent candidate forum, Cadish said her favorite Supreme Court justice was liberal activist Ruth Bader Ginsburg. On the other hand, her opponent, Judge Jerry Tao, describes himself as a conservative, strict-constructionist jurist in the mold of Antonin Scalia. He’s also been endorsed by the NRA.
Judge Tao is a former criminal prosecutor and a former District Court judge who currently serves on the Nevada Court of Appeals. He’s not only the most experienced judicial candidate on the ballot this year, he’s the best.
Liberty Watch proudly endorses Jerry Tao.
State Controller
Ron Knecht (Republican)
Catherine Byrne (Democrat)
Ron Knecht has done a great job as Controller, and Liberty Watch heartily endorses Ron. His 24-page Popular Annual Financial Report, available at the Nevada Controller’s website, is a great addition to the material responsible citizens should read before voting. His opponent is an activist Democrat running only to assuage her TDS.
It’s an easy pick – we endorse Ron Knecht for Controller.
Zach Conine (Democrat)
Bill Hoge (Independent American)
Bob Beers (Republican)
For Treasurer, we have the former legislator the Review Journal called “taxpayers best friend” back when the RJ mattered, Bob Beers, running against two guys who need a job. Beers has been a Nevada CPA for thirty years, and has been involved in the treasury function for several businesses, even more nonprofits, and even the state government (as a five-time member of the Carson City budget committees).
Liberty Watch proudly endorses Beers for Treasurer.
State Assembly, District 2
Jennie Sherwood (Democrat)
John Hambrick (RINO)
Hambrick has betrayed voters so many times we lost count, from supporting the largest tax increase in Nevada State History to supporting the Telsa tax credit debacle which has cost Nevada Taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.
Liberty Watch makes no endorsement in this race.
State Assembly, District 3
Selena Torres (Democrat)
Stephen Sedimeyer (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses republican Stephen Sedimeyer
State Assembly, District 4
Robert Lystrup (Independent American)
Connie Munk (Democrat)
Richard McArthur (Republican)
Richard McArthur (Republican) McArthur was one of the few Republicans who stood up against the Roberson Commerce Tax and voted NO. He also opposed the issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.
Liberty Watch Proudly endorses the solid conservative Richard McArthur
State Assembly, District 5
Brittney Miller (Democrat)
Jason Burke (Republican)
Burke who is a novice candidate for the Legislature, was removed from the ballot last month by Judge Jim Crockett, only to have the same Judge reverse his ruling October 8th. In his own words Burke testified he didn’t campaign.
Liberty watch makes no endorsement in this race.
State Assembly, District 8 Jason Frierson (Democrat) Tina Peetris (Republican)
Ms. Peetris supports maintaining the property tax cap, she wants to reallocate funding for Vocational Skills Education and allow Nevada parents School choice.
Liberty Watch endorses Republican Tina Peetris State Assembly, District 9
Steve Yeager (Democrat)
Linda Cannon (Republican)
Ms. Cannon is a Constitutionalist who believes in less government intervention and believes we need create a business environment that encourages business start-ups and she supports a well educated and well trained workforce.
Liberty Watch Proudly endorses Republican Linda Cannon
State Assembly, District 10
Jonathan Friedrich (Independent American)
Chris Brooks (Democrat)
Noel Searles (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Republican Noel Searles
State Assembly, District 11
Olivia Diaz (Democrat)
Gianna Miceli (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Republican Gianna Miceli
State Assembly, District 12
Mary Elizabeth Martinez (Independent American) Susan Martinez (Democrat)
Richard Fletcher (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Republican Richard Fletcher
State Assembly, District 13
Leonard Foster (Independent American)
Tom Roberts (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Republican Tom Roberts
State Assembly, District 15 Howard Watts III (Democrat) Stan Vaughn (Republican)
Mr. Vaughn is a perennial candidate who espouses various conspiracy theories.
Liberty watch makes no endorsement in this race.
State Assembly, District 17
Tyrone Thompson (Democrat)
Pat Little (Republican)
Ms. Little is committed to overhauling the educational system within Nevada, “With over 50% of the education budget being spent on administration, which is a massive waste, we need to cut the administration expenses and put that money where is belongs…the classroom.” “The current Assemblyman voted for the diasterous Silver State Health Exchange. Because of this mismanaged program, many people lost their insurance despite trying desperately to sign up. Others have had to endure rate increases that have left them with barely enough to survive I’ll fight to fix this broken program.
Liberty Watch proudly endorses conservative Republican Pat Little
State Assembly, District 18
Richard Carrillo (Democrat)
Matt Sadler (Republican)
Mr. Sadler views himself as a constitutional conservative, he believes the role of government should be narrow and focused, allowing for individual personal liberty.
Liberty Watch endorses Republican Matt Sadler
State Assembly, District 19
Chris Edwards (RINO)
Liberty Watch makes no endorsement in this race.
State Assembly, District 20
Ellen Spiegel (Democrat)
Michael l. McDonald (Republican)
Liberty Watch makes no endorsement in this race
State Assembly, District 21
Ozzie Fumo (Democrat)
Cherlyn Arrington (Republican)
Ms. Arrington believes that ESA’s (Education Savings Accounts) should be funded, she’s opposed to raising property taxes and is a 2nd amendment advocate.
Liberty Watch endorses Republican Cherlyn Arrington
State Assembly, District 22
Kristee Watson (Democrat)
Mellisa Hardy (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Republican Melissa Hardy
State Assembly, District 23
Ralph Preta, (Independent American)
Glen Leavitt (Republican)
Mr. Leavitt is very proud of endorsements from the Nevada Swamp Creatures, which include Tax Hike Mike Roberson, John Hambrick, Mark Hutchison, Scott Hammond, Joe Hardy, Paul Anderson and Chris Edwards all who pushed thru the Largest Tax Increase in Nevada history.
Liberty Watch makes no endorsement in this race
State Assembly 25
Gregory John Shorts (Democrat)
Jill Tolles (RINO)
Ms. Tolles voted with the Democrats over 70% of the time, enough said.
Liberty Watch makes no endorsement in this race
State Assembly, District 26
June Joseph (Democrat)
Lisa Krasner (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Lisa Krasner
State Assembly, District 29
Lesley Cohen (Democrat)
Stephen Silberkraus (RINO)
Stephen Silberkraus voted for the Largest Tax increase in Nevada history.
Liberty Watch makes no endorsement in this race
State Assembly, District 31
Skip Daly (Democrat)
Jill Dickman (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Jill Dickman
State Assembly, District 32
Paula Povilaitis (Democrat)
Alexis Hansen (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Alexis Hansen
State Assembly, District 33
Liberty Watch endorses John Ellison (R)
State Assembly, District 34
Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod (Democrat)
Janice Wesen (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Republican Janice Wesen
State Assembly, District 35
Daniel Hofstein (Independent American)
Michelle Gorelow (Democrat)
David Schoen (Republican)
Liberty Watch makes no endorsement in this race
State Assembly, District 36
Dennis Hof (Republican)
Lesia Romanov (Democrat)
This race has proved to be the most entertaining, if not shocking, 2018 race in Nevada. In the GOP primary back in June, legal brothel owner Dennis Hof crushed incumbent Assemblyman James Oscarson, primarily over Oscarson’s vote in 2015 for the largest tax hike in Nevada history.
Republican elected officials should note for future reference that Republican voters chose a “pimp” over a tax hiker. In fact, with Oscarson’s loss 12 of the 13 Republicans in the Assembly who voted for the 2015 Sandoval tax hike have been ousted from office one way or another. Republicans, ye be warned!
Hof isn’t just a brothel owner. He’s an entrepreneur who owns dozens of other businesses – including gas stations, restaurants and bars – which employ hundreds of Nevadans throughout the state. He’s an unapologetic fiscal conservative who’s unafraid of expressing his opinions openly and directly – including with the media – and has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.
His Democrat opponent, Lesia Romanov, is a career government employee working as a vice principal in one of the worst schools in the worst school district in the worst state in the country for education. Her solution to Nevada’s education woes, naturally, is to take more taxpayer money and flush it down the public school rat hole.
She has no idea how to create jobs in the private sector and would be a knee-jerk vote for every and any anti-business bill that would come before her.
Liberty Watch endorses Dennis Hof.
State Assembly District 38
Shea Backus (Democrat)
Jim Marchant (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Jim Marchant
State Assembly District 38
Liberty Watch endorses Robin Titus (R)
State Assembly District 39
Patricia Ackerman (Democrat)
Paul Cwalina (Libertarian)
Jim Wheeler (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Jim Wheeler
State Assembly, District 40
Al Kramer (Republican)
Autumn Zemke (Democrat)
Liberty Watch endorses Al Kramer
State Assembly, District 41
Sandra Jauregui (Democrat)
Paris Wade (Republican)
Liberty Watch endorses Paris Wade
Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to: (1) remove existing provisions that require the Legislature to provide certain statutory rights for crime victims; and (2) adopt in their place certain expressly stated constitutional rights that crime victims may assert throughout the criminal or juvenile justice process?
Liberty Watch: Voters reading this question will wonder, “why is THIS needed?” Here at Liberty Watch we side with making government smaller. Here’s what you want to know, from the Secretary of State (SOS),
This ballot measure also would decrease public revenue because: (1) it entitles crime victims to full and timely restitution; and (2) it further provides that all monetary payments, money and property collected from a person ordered to pay such restitution must be applied first to pay all victims, which means that until all victims receive full and timely restitution, the State and local governments may not receive assessments, fees, fines, forfeitures and other charges that the person ordered to pay such restitution may legally owe to those governmental entities.
Restitution to victims instead of the state? Government revenue decreased? Sounds good to us.
Vote “yes” on Question 1.
Shall the Sales and Use Tax Act of 1955 be amended to provide an exemption from the taxes imposed by this Act on the gross receipts from the sale and the storage, use or other consumption of feminine hygiene products?
Liberty Watch: Reading the argument against Question 2 on the SOS website, this line jumped out, “Exempting feminine hygiene products from Nevada’s sales and use taxes will result in less revenue for the State and local governments, including school districts.”
This is a no-brainer. In fact all products should be exempt.
Vote “yes” on Question 2.
Shall Article 1 of the Nevada Constitution be amended to require the Legislature to provide by law for the establishment of an open, competitive retail electric energy market that prohibits the granting of monopolies and exclusive franchises for the generation of electricity?
Liberty Watch: This is the question everyone is talking about and all the money is being spent on. Big Casinos versus Berkshire Hathaway. The SOS explanation begins with,
This ballot measure proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to require the Legislature to provide by law for an open, competitive retail electric energy market by July 1, 2023. The law passed by the legislature must include, but is not limited to, provisions that reduce costs to customers, protect against service disconnections and unfair practices, and prohibit the granting of monopolies and exclusive franchises for the generation of electricity. The law would not have to provide for the deregulation of the transmission or distribution of electricity.
It’s been said of other questions “this is a solution looking for a problem.” That applies here. Yes, if you’re a big energy user, you can cut a sweet deal with energy provider brand X. Meanwhile, if you are John Q. Citizen you have no bargaining power. Who knows, if this passes you may have to connect your power system to your pet hamster’s wheel and put your pet to work.
The ads favoring Question 3 show lots of pictures of solar panels, as if these hideous panes of glass can honestly provide enough energy to keep the lights on and, most importantly, air conditioners running. Solar power is horribly inefficient, as much as the green types tout its use. It’s uneconomic, that’s why it only survives on government subsidies.
For the average voter, the devil you know–the Public Utilities Commission–is better than rolling the dice.
Vote “No” on Question 3.
Shall Article 10 of the Nevada Constitution be amended to require the Legislature to provide by law for the exemption of durable medical equipment, oxygen delivery equipment, and mobility enhancing equipment prescribed for use by a licensed health care provider from any tax upon the sale, storage, use, or consumption of tangible personal property?
Liberty Watch: This Question is again a no-brainer. Taking away taxes is always good. The primary argument against is, “Sales taxes pay for a myriad of services Nevadans rely on including schools, police, fire departments, libraries, and parks, to name a few.”
We all know waste can be cut in all of those government monopoly services.
Vote “Yes” on Question 4.
Shall Chapter 293 of the Nevada Revised Statutes be amended to establish a system that will automatically register an eligible person to vote, or update that person’s existing Nevada voter registration information, at the time the person applies to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles for the issuance or renewal of any type of driver’s license or identification card, or makes a request to change the address on such a license or identification card, unless the person affirmatively declines in writing?
Liberty Watch: What this question requires is “the Secretary of State, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and each county clerk to cooperatively establish a system that automatically registers to vote an eligible person when the person submits an application for the issuance or renewal of or change of address for any type of driver’s license or identification card issued by the DMV.”
A reasonable case can be made either way this question. However, the arguments against are more persuasive. Specifically, “The fundamental right of deciding whether one wishes to initiate voter registration belongs to the individual and not the government. Question 5 would change the ‘Opt In’ voter registration process at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to ‘Opt Out.’”
Vote “No” on Question 5.
Shall Article 4 of the Nevada Constitution be amended to require, beginning in calendar year 2022, that all providers of electric utility services who sell electricity to retail customers for consumption in Nevada generate or acquire incrementally larger percentages of electricity from renewable energy resources so that by calendar year 2030 not less than 50 percent of the total amount of electricity sold by each provider to its retail customers in Nevada comes from renewable energy resources?
Liberty Watch: Oh brother. Here we go with the renewable (solar) nonsense again. Ask yourself, do you really care where your energy comes from? Just how much it costs, right?
Even pro-solar National Geographic admits, “Solar energy doesn’t work at night without a storage device such as a battery, and cloudy weather can make the technology unreliable during the day. Solar technologies are also very expensive and require a lot of land area to collect the sun’s energy at rates useful to lots of people.”
It is just not possible to achieve what this question demands without covering every inch of vacant desert with ugly solar panels and, more importantly, the burden being forced on taxpayers to support an uneconomic business.
Vote “No” on Question 6. LW

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