Republicans, Vote Your Principles

For political junkies, November 6th is our Super Bowl (whoops, sorry NFL, I should say Big Game).


In a few pages you will see our endorsements. There are many cases where we have not made an endorsement because we refuse to endorse Republicans who vote for higher taxes, support illegal immigration and don’t support the president’s Make America Great Again #MAGA agenda.
Politics is a tug-a-war between pro-freedom, anti-tax, pro-business ideology on the right and the left’s anti-business, anti-freedom agenda. At Liberty Watch, we don’t pull on the rope from the middle. We are at the end of the rope. We dig in, we’re the anchor for our side of the political argument.
So, if you’re a Republican candidate who didn’t receive our endorsement, you know why. You betrayed our trust and, most importantly, the people’s trust and we don’t reward that behavior just because you call yourself a Republican. We know the real deal when we see it. If you didn’t receive our endorsement, you are not the real thing. Plain and simple, you are a RINO–Republican In Name Only.
Politicians, think about why you are in politics. You are supposed to stand for something. When you put “R” after your name it’s because you believe in smaller government, lower taxes, less government interference in people’s lives. Voters depend on you to vote for those ideals; not to say you’re a Republican and then make deals across the aisle.
We elect you to do the dirty work of governing, so we can make a living, reap the bounty of our work and live in freedom.
Ronald Reagan said,”Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”
Voters, President Reagan was talking to you as well. Democracy isn’t for the lazy and ignorant. Liberty Watch readers do the work and use us as a resource. If you have friends who are unsure how to vote, share this issue with them. Send them to our website
The American way of life depends on voters and the politicians they elect to guard and further the principles that have made America great: free markets, low taxes, a small regulatory burden, and individual freedom. Elected official who deceive us are punished. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice…well…we aren’t fooled twice.
By the way Republicans, the numbers against us this year may seem catastrophic. The other side has a nearly 60,000 voter registration advantage over us. However, the good news is a combination of Republican registrants with those considered “other” has a more than 300,000 advantage over Democrats. Remember, those “other” voters put Trump in the White House.
Everyone is talking about a “Blue Wave,” but those same people who banked on that result in 2016 were crying in their Chardonnay on election night. There was no way Hillary could lose. However, an election is a participation sport. The side that gets more of their people to play, wins.
Let’s face it, Nevada’s Republican party leadership has been nonexistent. There have been no voter registration drives, no attempt to recruit candidates, allowing Democrats to waltz into the statehouse and direct money to competitive races. The number of Democrats running unopposed (10) in the state assembly breaks my heart. Eight seats in the state Senate are guaranteed for the Democrats.
Reportedly Democrats are fired up and ready to go to the polls. Trump and Justice Kavanaugh have turned them into an angry mob. But, what do they have to be angry about? Lower taxes? Lower unemployment? Life is good because of the Trump agenda. The press makes the Democrats out to be mad and heroic, like they’re part of the Whiskey Rebellion or Boston Tea Party. Please.
Election night will not be a “blue” as you think, if you vote your Republican principles. LW

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