The Leave Us Alone Coalition Vs. The Takings Coalition

In 2018, there are two competing, and fairly evenly matched, political coalitions in the United States.


Years ago the two political parties were divided North versus South. If someone told you they were a Republican you knew that they were almost certainly born north of the Mason Dixon Line—but little else.
Today, the two coalitions are more coherent and based largely on understandable principles.
The Center-Right coalition including the Reagan Republican Party is held together because its activists agree on one principle: that on the issue that moves their vote they want the same thing— they want to be left alone by the government.
The Left coalition is a Takings Coalition that views the proper role of government as unlimited in the pursuit of taking stuff from one group and giving it to another. (Often cash, often to them)
Around the Leave Us Alone coalition table we find, 28 million small business men and women and the self-employed who do not want to be over taxed or over regulated; Home schoolers who wish simply to be allowed to educate their own children; The Second Amendment community — gun owners, Six million NRA members, 18 million hunters, 17.5 million concealed carry permit holders who wish to be left alone. They do not knock on your door on Saturday and insist you become a hunter.
Also in the Leave Us Alone coalition: The various communities of faith—evangelical christians, conservative Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Muslims and Mormons who wish to be left alone to practice their faith and pass it on to their children. They are not asking for Baptist Stamps.
The Leave Us Alone coalition works well together because nobody in the coalition wants anything at the expense of someone else’s vote moving issue.
The fellow who wants to make money all day may look askance at the fellow who wants to go to church all day, and they both may wonder about the person who wants to fondle his or her guns all day. But they are not in conflict.
They don’t have to agree what they wish to do with their freedom. They only have to agree to vote for politicians who will keep the government limited and focused on protecting everyone’s freedoms.
This is a low maintenance coalition.
The Left coalition is more problematic. It is led by labor union leaders, millionaire trial lawyers, the big city political machines, the two wings of the dependency movement — those who are locked into dependency and those who make $90,000 managing the dependence of others and ensuring that they don’t get jobs and become Republicans.
Also key building blocks of the Left are the various coercive utopians, our betters who are confident they know how we should live our lives and are willing to use the power of the state to whip up into line. These include the folks who mandate those toilets that do not flush completely, the light bulbs that convince you you have cataracts. They ban drinking straws and plastic bags. They demand that on the sabbath you separate the clear glass from the green glass from the brown glass for the recycling priests. And they have a list of things you Must and Must Not do that is slightly longer and more tedious than Leviticus.
The Takings Coalition can get along if we are stupid enough to raise taxes and toss piles of tax dollars into the center of their table. Then they can cheerfully mimic the movie scene after the bank robbery where the gang shares the loot—
“one for you, one for you, one for me….”.
But if we say “no new taxes” and mean it, then the available cash dwindles and the Left’s table begins to look more like the second to the the last scene in those lifeboat movies as they work to decide who to eat and who to throw overboard.
For the Left is not made up of friends and allies, but simply competing parasites. If we do not feed them taxpayer money they will cheerfully gnaw on the person next to them. Our job is to say NO NEVER to tax hikes and force the Left to fight amongst themselves so that at the next election there are fewer of them standing.
So what should freedom lovers do?
Our job is to oppose any and all tax hikes and force a focus on spending restraint and government reform to make the government cost less.
That is where the Taxpayer Protection Pledge created in 1985 to help enact the Reagan Tax Reform Act of 1986 comes into play. The pledge is a public written commitment by an elected official or candidate for federal or state office to the people of his or her state that he or she will oppose and vote against any net tax increase.
By 1994 more than 90% of Republican congressmen and Senators had signed the pledge. And kept it. This branded the GOP as the party that will not raise your taxes. Before the pledge became party dogma the GOP held the House for four of the previous 60 years and the Senate for 10 of the previous 60 years. Since 1994, the GOP has controlled the House for 18 of 22 years.and the Senate for 12.5 of 22 years.
Successful companies understand the value of a brand. Coca Cola invests a great deal of money in advertising its brand AND in maintaining quality control.
You can go into a store anywhere in the world a buy a bottle of Coke secure in the knowledge of what is inside. But if you got home and after consuming two thirds of your Coke you noticed a rat head in what is left in your bottle….you would not simply say to yourself, “I guess I may not finish all this bottle tonight.” You might wonder about buying Coke in the future. You would send your selfie with the Coke bottle and rat-head around the world and Coca-Cola would have a big problem. It would damage their brand.
This is why Republicans who vote for tax hikes are rat heads in a Coke bottle.
They not only betray their voters they damage the brand for everyone else.

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