Big Business Funds Big Government Message

The Nevada Independent, @NVINDY on twitter, listed its large corporate donors the other day.


The list is a Nevada corporate who’s who. MGM  Resorts International tops the list donating $600,000 to Jon Ralston’s publication, which he claims provides “independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan journalism.”

If you believe that, I’ll sell you the new I-11  bridges: All ten of them. Switch has ponied up $400,000, Caesar’s $100,000, and the Laborer’s of  North America Local No. 872 gave Mr. Ralston $75,000 to provide nonpartisan journalism, because, well, unions have a keen interest in being  fair and balanced.

The Independent now has competition in the nonprofit, nonpartisan news business with Hugh  Jackson’s Daily Current that operates with the tagline, “Policy, politics and progressive commentary.”

Mr. Jackson was editor of the Las Vegas  Business Press and senior editor at the Las Vegas City Life. His senior reporter, Dana Gentry, was once the producer of “Face to Face with Jon Ralston.”

“The Current is supported by a coalition of donors through the Hopewell Fund, a 501(c)(3)  public charity that supports innovative and effective public interest projects. The Current  retains editorial independence,” states their website. According to Hopewell’s 2016 IRS form 990, the fund raised over $16.5 million in  contributions.

These publications join the Brian Greenspun funded Las Vegas Sun which fills its pages with  reprinted stories from the New York Times. The Reno Gazette Journal and Nevada Appeal are equally left-leaning.

The point is there seems to be no shortage of  funds to support journalists stumping for big government causes.   

Meanwhile, Liberty Watch provides a different  point of view. Government isn’t always the answer.  In our view, government has gone wild, standing in the way of individual freedom and prosperity.  

While Ralston and Jackson collect millions of dollars in donations to hire and pay reporters to  praise big government intrusions into our lives, Liberty Watch is written by volunteers, who do it for the love of freedom.

I never would have believed America would  become a place where the values of the Founding Fathers would be ridiculed and censored. Or starved for operating funds. However, that is what our country has become. Free speech, free markets, property rights and low taxes have become “triggers” for leftist anxiety. Their anxiety has manifested in hatred of the ideas this country was built upon. Instead, the “progressive,” or shall we say socialist, message is funded by Nevada’s big businesses and unions.

Liberty Watch survives by selling advertising to business owners who are with us, holding the same values you and I do. The businesses who do buy ads in our pages are brave and we treasure their commitment to liberty. Our  heroic donors make sure our liberty message is printed and mailed.

Unlike those writing the liberal-slanted news for the Independent, the Current and some of the newspapers around the state,  my small team and I don’t earn a penny for producing the magazine. We do it out of love of freedom and the prosperity that capitalism provides.

Our message couldn’t be more timely. “Millennials are simply not that alarmed by the idea of socialism. For instance, a national Reason-Rupe survey found that 53 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds view socialism favorably,  compared to only a quarter of Americans over 55,” writes The Federalist.

This at a time when the once prosperous Venezuela is being ruined by socialist policies which have stripped store shelves bare and starved its population.  

Yet, big business in Nevada wants to fund journalism that supports Venezuelan-like policies.  

However, seeing how well funded Jackson and Ralston are, only steels my resolve. Liberty Watch will continue to do what we do  best, providing you, the conservative reader, stories and opinion you won’t get anywhere else in Nevada.

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