Richard Is Right: It’s The Primaries, Stupid!

In his 2014 best-selling book “Takeover,” my friend and conservative icon Richard Viguerie has a chapter titled, “It’s the Primaries, Stupid!” And he is so “right”!


As Viguerie notes, the problem for conservatives too often isn’t so much Democrats and liberals as it is “progressive, Big Government Republicans.” And he is so “right.”

“Far from shrinking government, whenever they have been in power establishment Republicans have contributed to the growth of government,” Viguerie wrote. And he is so “right.” Just look at what happened in Nevada in 2015.

After Republicans not only won control of the governor’s office, but also control of both the state senate and state assembly – controlling all three bodies for the first time since the Depression – establishment Republicans exploded the size and cost of state government while passing the largest tax hike in Nevada history to pay for it!

“Until we conservatives control…nominate conservative candidates who will actually fight for and govern according to the conservative principles the party stands for,” Richard continued, “there will be no coherent alternative to the Democrats’ Big Government worldview presented to the voters.”

Indeed. It’s the primaries, stupid!

And with that in mind, here are five Nevada state races and the GOP candidates who conservatives should support in the June 12, 2018 primary election…

Governor: Adam Laxalt

Adam is cut from the same conservative Reaganitecloth as his famous grandfather, former Nevada senator and governor Paul Laxalt – known fondly as Ronald Reagan’s “First Friend.”

Now here’s an inconvenient truth: Democrats in 2019 are once again going to control both houses of the Legislature.

And without a conservative Republican governor willing to veto the stinking pile of far-left cow dung bills the D’s are going to plop on his desk, we really and truly are going to end up being, as State Controller Ron Knecht once put it, “East California.”

Attorney General: Craig Mueller

Craig is running against former Assemblyman Wes Duncan. Now, Duncan’s not a bad guy. But he’s the establishment’s guy.

I’ve known Craig for over 20 years. He’s as solid a conservative as they come. And he is totally unafraid to take on the establishment and powers-that-be.

If elected, he’s vowed to ban “sanctuary cities” in Nevada, evict the BLM from within our borders, and immediately issue an AG’s opinion blocking government employees from serving in the Legislature.

Craig isn’t just a solid constitutional conservative; he’s a fighter. Wish we could clone him!

State Assembly: John Ellison, Dennis Hof and Jim Small

The reason the 2015 Legislature passed the largest tax hike in state history wasn’t because we didn’t have enough Republicans in office to block it, but that we didn’t have enough CONSERVATIVE Republicans in office.

Assemblyman John Ellison was one of the good guys who voted against that Mother of All Tax Hikes. But he’s angered the Big Government Republicans. As such, the establishment has put a certified tax-hiking Republican up against him in the primary. John needs to be saved!

Meanwhile, of the thirteen sell-out Assembly Republicans who betrayed voters by voting for the $1.4 billion Sandoval Tax Hike in 2015, eleven of them are now gone – either forced into retirement or defeated in elections.

The two remaining tax-hikers are Assemblyman John Hambrick and Assemblyman James Oscarson.

Hambrick is being challenged by a pro-business conservative, Jim Small, who has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising voters that he will “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

Oscarson is being challenged by another probusiness conservative/libertarian, Dennis Hof, who is also a proud signer of the Tax Pledge. (Disclaimer: I’m a paid adviser to the Hof campaign)

As my friend Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform is wont to say, “Republicans who vote for higher taxes are like ratheads in a Coke bottle. They ruin the brand for everybody.”

Hambrick and Oscarson are Republican “ratheads.” They should be treated as such.

The only way to advance the limited-government constitutional conservative movement is to, as Mr. Viguerie points out, “prune away the dead wood of the Republican establishment” in GOP primaries.” And he is so “right.” LW

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