Get Your Camel Off The Road

Speaking of highways, did you know it’s against the law in Nevada to drive your camel down the highway?


Companies imported camels in the 1860s to work as pack animals. Loose camels became a nuisance on the state’s highways and led to this Nevada law which hasn’t taken off the books.

You probably think hanging someone has gone down the memory hole. No, if someone shoots your dog on your property it is ‘legal’ to hang the perpetrator. The Greenman Gaby Raby Martinez (GGRM) website explains, “In the Wild West days, dogs were a highly valuable asset for protecting herds and property that were absolutely not to be messed with.”

If you lost your last quarter playing the slots, pawning your dentures in Las Vegas is not an option. The GGRM website reminds us, “it’s illegal to pawn your dentures. Actually, you can’t sell your dentures on eBay either as they’re considered a prescriptive medical device.” One can imagine seniors hawking their chompers for a little extra play money. Thank goodness city government stepped in to stop them from a life of jello and oatmeal. LW

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