Pot Pays For Governor’s Crony Capitalism

While the Governor has been giving away the state to Elon Musk and the Flim-Flam folks at Faraday Future, the good sense of Nevada voters is balancing Sandoval’s monstrous budget.


If marijuana dispensaries don’t run out of product, this is.

No thanks to the Governor in the empty suit, thousands of willing customers lined up at midnight July 1st to celebrate the end of cannabis prohibition and buy pot with both hands. No subsidies needed from Governor Giveaway.

Sandoval made no appearance to cut a ribbon at a dispensary. The Governor didn’t make any speeches celebrating the efforts of marijuana entrepreneurs creating jobs or the tax bounty which will pay for education and Tesla’s tax credits. It was left-wing Senator Tick Segerblom who was first in line, manically tweeting, and proudly buying a pinch of “Segerblom Haze.”

However, when the cash started rolling in, Sandoval started hearing reports cannabis supplies were running low, and state coffers might be at risk, he awoke from his slumber. Newsweek reported, “The state sold so much pot in the first weekend alone that Governor Brian Sandoval decided Friday to declare a state of emergency, giving the green light for state officials to consider approving emergency regulations to help combat the shortage.”

Yes, governor, consumers actually want to buy and consume while producers will produce and sell, cannabis, without government subsidy, unlike solar panels and electric cars. Ironically, at the very same time pot sellers were doing a bang up business, Faraday Future bagged its plan to build a $1 billion manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas, despite tax breaks of $73,000 per projected new job the project would supposedly create. I hope everyone remembers the Governor’s claims that Faraday Future would have an $85 billion impact on the local economy. Whoops.

At least that taxpayer sponsored pipe dream was quashed early. Up north, while pot producers do the heavy lifting, Elon Musk continues to feed at Sandoval’s tax-break trough.

The Governor re-instituted net metering, not because he cares about Joe Solar Six Pack, it’s his friend and tax eater Elon Musk that Sandoval is moving the sun and moon for. “More than consumers, solar rooftop-leasing companies like Sunrun, Vivint and Tesla are the primary beneficiaries of net metering,” the WSJ writes. “These companies install solar panels for free and pocket all of the subsidies, including the 30% federal renewable-investment tax credit.”

If you are still unsure as to who he is looking out for, the Governor took pen in hand and signed the bill, “at a private warehouse owned by Tesla, a company upon which Nevadans have bestowed $1.3 billion in tax breaks,” writes Bob Stump, former Arizona congressman.

And what has the Governor done for the state’s other business owners? In 2015, in the words of The Tax Foundation “the Nevada Legislature approved the Nevada Revenue Plan, a package of tax changes championed by Governor Brian Sandoval (R) which includes $1.4 billion in new and extended taxes over the biennium.”

In Sandoval’s Nevada, real entrepreneurs are punished to pay for crony capitalism. LW

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