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Silliness In Seattle

Back in 2015, voters approved nearly a billion dollars to build bike lanes, repaved roads and whatnot.

Get Your Camel Off The Road

Companies imported camels in the 1860s to work as pack animals. Loose camels became a nuisance on the state’s highways and led to this Nevada law which hasn’t taken off the books.

Governor Moonbeam Vs. Automobiles

“freeloaders.” Roads need fixing he said. The Golden state was strapped for cash, despite having some of the highest taxes in the country.


Chalk another bit of idiocy up to the failed war on drugs. A Massachusetts lawmaker Stephen Hay wants to make having secret compartments in cars, boats and other vehicles illegal.


Police arrest a mom in Upstate New York for letting her 10-year-old son shop in a Lego store at the mall, while she shopped at another store nearby.